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Countess - Pagan Man [official video]

Countess - Pagan Man\r
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I hid in the shadows for a millennium
And yet I always stood by your side
For centuries I was almost forgotten
In veils of obscurity forced to hide

You know who I am
I am the pagan man

You have seen glimpses of my face
But looked past my familiar sight
You have heard shards of my song
But failed to comprehend its might


Out of the mists of oblivion I ride
Who I am you shall know once more
I will take you back to who you were
In the sacred glorious days of yore


You know who I am
I am you
Might of Perun : Awesome track! Can't wait for the new album! Eternal Hails!
Hank' : This is great!
Escafismo Records and Distro : HAIL TO THE MIGHTY COUNTESS!!!
Hatpastorn : Exquisite
Johnny D : Hail!

Diablo 2 - Countess farming Guide

A guide covering the essential information that you should know (in my opinion) for farming the Countess in Diablo 2. I hope you enjoyed the video and potentially learned something new!

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Dbrunski125 : Within the links and description guide on my discord a moderator posted the drop odds of all of the upper end mid runes that the countess can drop. Make sure to check it out if your a member on my discord or join the discord :)
Cenko Lino : You're the best source for Diablo 2 content. I hope Blizzard does a D2 Remake/Remaster and your channel will gain even more momentum.
Igor Pavlov : Never thought that increasing players setting would reduce special runes drop! Thanks a lot!
Shootin Jimmys : Love the countess. A classic rune spot
Oni : Well I did learn something - you can replay the speeches in the quest tab!

The Spectacle (Razzle Dazzle) - MLP FiM - Countess Coloratura (song+mp3)[HD]

Literally Lady Gaga, 9/10


clips from My Little Friendship is Magic, owned by Hasbro, DHX, and Discovery Family




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