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How to Replace CD Jewel Cases (Music CD, Game Cases, etc.)

Happy New Year everyone! I thought the best way to celebrate is to release this tutorial on how to replace your CD Jewel Cases. Most of the ones that we have are in bad condition and there is a way to restore them back to former glory. This video will show you exactly how to do that. And as a bonus, I am also going to show you guys a cheap way to protect your replaced jewel case for future use.

Uline Jewel Cases:
Mexiqueso : what if you have no thumbnails
BigGeekEmpire : What about two disc jewel case? I gotta fix the sides on my copy of skies of arcadia.
Kadon Gish : This video was so helpful, thank you.
Muño : God replace it already and talk later
VOUDONBOI420 : I got an cd from amazon that had a gash on the jewel case and I plan on replacing it so thank you for this video bro!

CD Collecting: Digipak vs Jewel Cases

CD Collecting: Digipak vs Jewel Cases
A few pet peeves I have regarding digipaks and jewel cases.
Ge0rge : If you order the CDs from other countries and it has explicit lyrics will it have it or not?
chillspike : To each their own. I totally prefer digipaks as collectibles because I have a system that preserves all my digipak cds. As soon as I get the cd I pop it into my computer and transfer the songs to iTunes. Then I load the songs onto my iPod for listening. Then I just keep the digipaks in ziplock bags and just use my iPod when I want to listen to the songs. When I want to look at the digipaks outside of the ziplock bags, I just take them out very carefully, usually leaving the cd inside.
Noel Danaher : I agree wholly with what you say about digipacks. If we are forced to use them what protective sleeves would you recommend?
michaelcentra : They have non scratch cd sleeves on eBay you can combine with the Gatefold double plastic sleeves and eliminate the jewel case entirely. Saves weight, space and the sleeves don't break or crack.
J Rod : Where do you find the artwork for your CD's?

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