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Julian Doherty - Real Time Strategy At Light Speed

Real time space battle multiplayer browser games are cool. But what if we want to play a real time space battle multiplayer game where the players are hundreds of millions of miles apart, and the speed of light is a factor in who sees what happening, and when?

Hard sci-fi like "The Expanse", or "Dread Empire's Fall" go into excruciating detail on how long it takes to even see what is happening, and how long ago it really did happen - which could be minutes or hours. Battles play out like high latency, async chess games. Warships hurl missiles at each other over enormous distances and speeds, rather than frenetic "World War 2 fighter planes in space" you get in Star Wars.

In a plain old Elixir realtime game, you don't have to worry about that - you just send all messages to all clients as soon as they arrive. But what if we need to delay some of those messages for an arbitrary amount of time depending on where different actors are in the virtual solar system? What design patterns and ways of thinking about how our app is built do we need to do to be able to build something like that?

About Julian: Julian is a lead developer with 20 years experience, and has been hacking on Elixir for the last 5.

Originally from Wellington, New Zealand, he now calls Melbourne, Australia home, currently working at Envato. Julian also runs the Elixir Melbourne meetup group, and tries to spend as much time as possible inflicting Elixir and functional programming paradigms on codebases he works in.

Aaron Harpole - The Case Against Scale Aaron Harpole

Scale is a very popular topic among software engineers, and it is something many of us strive to do well, but we rarely discuss its consequences. We think of scale as an inherently good thing. After all, you can make more money, run more efficiently, and solve tough problems. But with this year's theme of building large-scale applications, I'd like to flip that sentiment on its head and make the case against scale.

About Aaron: Aaron loves to build software that makes people’s lives better. When not at a computer, he might be found hiking, making a paella, building another clicky keyboard, or quoting an old episode of The Simpsons. He works as an engineer at GitHub.

Zack Kayser, Beau Heubach - Building Real Time Experiences with LiveView and UX Principles

The need for fast and clear real-time responses are not new to user experience and application development. Instant feedback and system status are core to building better interactive interfaces. Now, our ability to deliver real-time user experiences is becoming more straightforward with the use of LiveView. How can we ensure these features provide the feedback and updates the user is looking for? How can we ensure LiveView delivers the smooth experience we hope for? Applying several common user experience principles, we can bring a base consistency to our real time features while leveraging the power that LiveView brings us to provide live feedback and updates from client interactions AND server-side events.

About Beau: Beau is a UX designer, front-end developer, and father of six with 15 years of experience working to solve complex usability problems and learning how to measure user experience. He loves working at Gaslight, a custom agile shop, where he leads projects from user research through to product delivery.

About Zack: Zack is a software engineer at Gaslight in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has spent the last couple of years working on a wide variety of projects -- ranging from server-side applications, to iOS and web frontend enterprise applications, to one-day hackathon projects, all the way to game development for personal enjoyment (and pain :-D). Ever since being introduced to Elixir, Erlang, and OTP in 2016, he has been a huge proponent of functional programming and an evangelist for a movement towards more immutability and no shared state wherever possible. Prior to entering the software industry, he was a professional translator specializing in English to Japanese translation. Outside of work, Zack is an avid traveler.




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