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The Flash: 10 Powers You Didn't Know He Has

The Flash Is More Powerful Than You Think
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The Flash is easily one of the most recognizable heroes in DC’s collection of caped crusaders. He can move at super speeds, usually wears a red jumpsuit, and can crack wise with the best of them. However, there are plenty of things that you probably don’t know about the Flash and his superpowers.

For instance, he can break the laws of physics whenever the writers need him to, is basically immortal, and can reboot a universe at a moment’s notice. The Flash can also, phase through solid objects, throw lighting, summon cyclones, create after images, and make functional clones of himself. He’s also able to speed read, talk super quickly, heal at high speeds, travel through time, disrupt telepathy, alter his voice, and cut through nearly anything.

While these many abilities make the Flash pretty overpowered, it also makes him an amazing superhero that can take on any villain that brushes up against him.

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