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Logitech Z5500 At Max Volume? Okay!

Just thought I would mess around with this speaker system seeing as though it's been a while :)

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Ben de Swert : You're doing it right when your sub starts smoking BEFORE you play music.

I're rolled myself a speaker-smoker too!
Rafael Phoenix : You sir deserve your channel's name. Never thought i would laugh counting screws........I DID
Tendo Manoka : I couldn't stop laughing when he kept counting more screws than there where lol
YmFzZTY0 : 6. Max Boost

Go to boost 11, hold your mute button and keep on turning and you will see boost 22. You have to be in analog 6ch direct mode for this to work
Tryanide's Garage : "I got really high actually and thats about it" yeah, thats where most my projects get sidetracked too.

Logitech Z5500 Best Mod

This mode makes the system sound much better, much louder, more lively and more realistic.
If you have problems with the system this mode can be useful!

Everyone does at their own risk, I am not responsible if you damage something in this system!

I'm sorry for my english.


Logitech Z5500 Display light repair!

Logitech Z5500 Problem solving

Logitech Z5500 Test

Logitech Z5500 Control pod Mod

Logitech Z5500 Bass test!

For this mode you need.

5 x 0.47UF 63V Axial Film Capacitors

2 x Elna for Audio 63V 10000UF

1 x Nichicon 80V 4700UF

5 x OPA1612AID
TragestyX : I am getting ready to pick up one of these systems. Great timing for the video. Now, have you done any modding to the Z2300?
Black Briar : next time use low melt solder to remove the big capacitors just a tip!
Lucas W. Vigas : Hey bro, it's okay! Man, does this procedure that you did have any improvement in harmonic distortion or any improvement in audio fidelity? If yes how much is. You really had a substantial gain.
And with this change, can you upgrade the subwoofer?
Manthos Y. : I changed the opamps with the OPA1602. I left everything else untouched at first. The bass got a little deeper and the highs became alive. The overal result was a lot more detailed and "aerial". I bought and used an smd heat gun, made it a lot easier.
Also, I had a problem. After the change I had terrible noises. The problem was the soldering paste, so dont foget to clean it up good at the end.
Uğur Ata : Don't know if you tried it, but was your Elnas rolling evenly when you rolled them over the table? And how can you seperate the real ones with fake ones, you got an idea? Just got em in and am a bit suspicious..

Using the Logitech Z5500 in 2021

bluetooth for the z5500
Mordret poort : Bought z5500 in 2008 and still using it. This must be one of the best buy's in my life. It still works great, sound quality is very good.
St3fan : Thanks much, I own it from about 13 yrs ,havent used it în last 5 yrs , using also a Bose , now seeing your video convinced me to put it back on track , awesome system, still love it !!!
Mirc : love them, i bought new in around 2008, the best computer speakers. they sound decent for movies. i should connect it through optical and get the most sound out of rear speakers, they always echoed or at least thats how i heard them like no full sourround, just occasional echo in movies.. But still great ones :) unbreakable :)
William Tanoto-Soegiri : Am still using this till today. I bought it about 10 years ago, and when I heard it will be discontinued (meaning I had to buy unstable Z906 if I want to buy digital logitech speaker again), I bought another z5500 and it is still in mint, unboxed condition (I took the battery out though). I connected the Direct to computer for 5.1 and microphone port to that logitech bluetooth receiver, Optical to TV so I can get signal from the likes of PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch. But yesterday I changed the setup. I kept z5500 and replaced HDMI splitters (I have three because I did not know about AVR) and also threw away that logitech bluetooth receiver. Connected it using direct to Denon AVR Pre-out. That denon replaces 6 devices in my systems, but I just can throw away that Z5500 as it serves me well for the past decade, so I reuse it with the denon setup.
Senomad : I owned a z5500 for about 9 yrs, had to get rid of it because its was just too noisey for my current living situation. But i really enjoyed those 9 yrs i had with it, i also added a bluetooth adapter to the system.
I miss the bass lol

Currently i have a creative labs katana, it does the job




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