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MP-12 Masterpiece LAMBOR(Sideswipe): EmGo's Transformers Reviews N' Stuff

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A big Masterpiece in a small package
Terence van Gaalen : 4.14 "You can close that up. Bam, review done.
Tyler Wu : He threw Sunstreakers box
Meow meow Dragon : This baby
Максим Тычина : Thank you for this video.
Brother : I was crying at the video. Well, the intro

RB-MP12 Key - Key Guide - Escape From Tarkov

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----------Key Guide Details------------

This is a guide for the Reserve Key, RB-MP12 Key on Escape From Tarkov

Key Spawn Location:
*In Jackets
*In the Pockets and bags of Scavs \u0026 Player Scavs
*On Woods, in the warehouse with 1 x Weapon box (5x5) and 1 x Weapon box (4x4). The key can be found next to the boxes in the blue locker

Key Lock Location:
*On Reserve, the grated door in black knight building

For more information visit:

---------------About Piranha---------------

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---------------Stream Schedule GMT---------------

Everyday starting at 8AM
Check Discord for updates on Streams

---------------Video Details---------------

Outro Song: Dubby Steps 7 - Niklas Gustavsson

---------------Piranha's Links---------------

Hide : good job mate. as always, keep up the good work
BIRD TH : thank you somust
Anonimo Lindo : You deserve more people watching you. Great and direct content
Barndo : Was about to sell it because the old guides said it was useless, thanks for the info
alexferb11 : Your the God of keys I love You

Beretta M12S

Larry breaks down an often overlook submachine gun. The Beretta M12S.

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tommy : Great gun
canarino Canarino : Un grosso difetto è il calcio laterale che ne impedisce un uso immediato , un calcio tipo a stampella come quello del ak 47 sarebbe stato piu funzionale , impugnatura anteriore dovrebbe essere su guida per adattarsi meglio alla fisionomia di ogni tiratore e magari anche con la possibilità di sfruttare la medesima , pile di ricambio , inserto per mettere un 2° caricatore ecc , mira posteriore un po piu avanzata perché è INUTILE avere una limea di mira lunga ed efficace se per usarla devo perdere
amir khoob : dont use this shotgun is better
Andrea Bisogni : Perché non usare un Calibro 9x21 anziché un 9x19 ??!!
K Fures : Course it's well made Larry, otherwise Beretta wouldn't have lasted past the 16th century




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